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Meet my friend Ben.  When I was little, I used to visit the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. The science museum used to fascinate me with its walk-through heart exhibit and the 20 ft. high statue of Ben in the rotunda. It wasn’t until later that I came to appreciate his astounding contributions as an inventor, writer, printer, statesman and Founding Father. 

Remember Ben Franklin’s Kite Experiment?  Using a kite, a metal key and the electrical current in the air during a thunderstorm, Ben Franklin proved his theories about conducting electrical energy. The kite reminds me of Ben Franklin’s ingenuity and sense of wonder.

Like Ben, I began my career in printing and working for a newspaper. I recently returned to design and printing and wanted to combine the two.  At Blue Kite Press, there really is a press. The press prints my designs and illustrations onto apparel, housewares and other items. Try the Customizer to design your own one-of-a-kind products and gifts. I think Ben Franklin would approve and I hope you do too.

–Dana Lynch, Blue Kite Press