Blue Kite Press is a studio in Boston that designs illustrated housewares, stationery, and gifts featuring bright colors and a hint of nostalgia.

Blue Kite Press offers a complete line of housewares, including Birch TraysTervis TumblersFlour Sack Tea TowelsMugs, and Swedish Dishcloths; stationery, including Enamel KeychainsNote CardsNotebooksNotepads, and Stickers; and Gift Wrap.

Zig Zag in bright colors
Dana Lynch, owner and illustrator of Blue Kite Press

Our Story

I'm Dana Lynch, the illustrator and owner of Blue Kite Press. My love for stationery and paper goods developed at an early age when my grandmother would bring notepads and pencils home from her office to play post office together. Bookstores, gift shops, and stationery stores became my favorite go-to places, with endless aisles of colorful home goods, paper products, and stickers galore.

One summer, a friend asked me to create custom illustrations for t-shirts and sweatshirts for her beach community. The neighbors loved the design and requested it on other products like note cards, tea towels, and mugs. While vacationing in Nantucket, I explored the charming shops and boutiques on the island to research the project.

This experience sparked an idea to create a line of products featuring my artwork. In 2019, I founded Blue Kite Press, a collection of functional, sustainable everyday items decorated with illustrations inspired by joyful colors and nostalgic memories from my childhood.

Blue Kite Press owner's son exploring the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA

About the Kite

As a child, I visited the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia every year on school trips and family outings. I was fascinated with the walk-through Giant Heart and loved to spend hours exploring the other exhibits that ended at an enormous statue of Ben Franklin in the rotunda. I loved the jubilating feeling of discovery and later enjoyed watching my sons experience it, too, as they happily raced through the heart and explored the rest of the museum.

Dana Lynch, owner of Blue Kite Press with Ben Franklin and kite statue in Philadelphia, PA

I felt the same thrill of discovery when I began creating illustrations and researching products for my new business. The idea of a kite emerged as I developed the imagery and branding. I recalled my visits to the Franklin Institute and thought about Ben Franklin's kite experiment, which used a kite, a metal key, and the electrical current in the air during a thunderstorm to prove his theories about conducting electrical energy. I realized that the kite experiment is an excellent metaphor for reminding us that anything is possible when we approach each day with creativity and curiosity.