Our Story

I used to visit the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia when I was in elementary school. The science museum would fascinate me with its walk-through heart exhibit and the enormous statue of Ben Franklin in the rotunda. I loved the jubilating feeling of discovery. Years later, I enjoyed watching my sons happily explore the exhibits as well.

That feeling of possibility and discovery returned as I began creating the illustrations that would later become Blue Kite Press. I happened to think of Ben Franklin and his kite experiment while thinking of names for my new project and remembered that sense of happiness and wonder when visiting the Franklin Institute.

I like to remember that kite to remind me of what's possible and tackle every day with Ben Franklin’s ingenuity and sense of wonder.

– Dana Lynch, Blue Kite Press


About the Kite

Blue Kite Press is a creative studio in Boston, MA that designs bright and colorful illustrations to decorate housewares, stationery, and gifts.

Our goal is to create functional and useful everyday objects that make people smile and feel a little nostalgic.

We’re inspired by the creativity and curiosity of Ben Franklin and his kite experiment.