Blue Kite Press is a creative studio in Boston that sells housewares, stationery, and gifts featuring bright and colorful illustrations.

Our goal is to create functional, everyday objects with a hint of nostalgia to make people smile. We’re inspired by the creativity and curiosity of Ben Franklin and his kite experiment

Our Story

Growing up near Philadelphia, I visited the Franklin Institute science museum every year on school trips and family outings. I was fascinated with the walk-through Giant Heart and loved to spend hours exploring the other exhibits that ended at an enormous statue of Ben Franklin in the rotunda. I loved the jubilating feeling of discovery and enjoyed watching my sons experience it, too, as they happily raced through the heart and explored the rest of the museum.

Years later, I felt that feeling of exploration and discovery again as I began designing artwork and patterns to create a collection of illustrations that could be used to decorate tea towels and mugs.

I remembered those happy visits to the Franklin Institute. I realized that Ben Franklin and his kite experiment was an excellent metaphor to remind us that anything is possible when you approach each day with creativity and curiosity. – Dana Lynch, Owner of Blue Kite Press

We'd love to connect with you. Email us at hello@bluekitepress.com.